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Sri Mel Maruvathur Adhi Parasakthi temple
Moolavar: Mel Maruvathur Adhi Parasakthi
  Urchavar: -
  Amman / Thayar: -
  Thala Virutcham: -
  Theertham: -
  Agamam / Pooja : -
  Old year: 500 years old
  Historical Name: -
  City: Melmarauvathur
  District: Kanchipuram
  State: Tamil Nadu
  Aadi Pooram in July-August; Thai Poosam in January-February; Birth day of Bangaru Adigalar on March 3; Navarathri in September-October are important festivals celebrated in the temple. For the convenience of devotees, special trains and buses are operated from all corners of Tamilnadu during festival seasons.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  Mother Adhi Parasakthi is a swayambumurthi in the temple. Women perform pujas and archanas in the sanctum sanctorum.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.  
  Sri Melmaruvathur Adhi Parasakthi Temple, Melmaruvathur, Kancheepuram district  
  +91 44-27529217 
 General Information:
  The management of Adhi Parasakthi Siddhar Peetam is also running educational institutions of higher studies as Medical, Engineering and polytechnic colleges.  It also runs a big hospital where treatment is offered free of cost.  The dining hall of the peetam feeding the visitors can accommodate 2000 people at a time.  

Devotees throng the temple for all prosperity in life.

Thanks giving:
  Devotees offer Shakti Mala garlands, carry Irumudi as followed in the Aiyappan prayer model and they do the Anga Pradakshina – rolling around the prakara. 
 Greatness Of Temple:
  Three feet tall Mother Adhi Parasakthi appears in a sitting posture with right leg kneeled, and the left touching the lotus shaped phallus thus indicating that She is all Supreme.  Mother is holding lotus bud in Her right hand.  As a tradition, Gods and Goddesses are formed with four hands.  But here, as in the Madurai Sri Meenakshi Amman temple, Mother Adhi Parasakthi appears with two hands only.   It is said that such forms – with two hands – are adopted in such places where the Goddess functioned in a human form.  Her hair is knotted upward indicating high wisdom.
The Lotus phallus on which Mother is sitting indicates that She is in the heart of devotees.  It may be recalled that the shape of human heart is also as a lotus bud placed upside down.  The petals of the Lotus are both upward and downward indicating higher spiritual efforts and the material leaning of the human mind respectively.  The sitting posture of Mother Adhi Parasakthi tells that She is pulling the unwise to enlightenment and that She is all supreme.
It may be recalled that the idol of Mother Adhi Parasakthi was sculpted by Sri Ganapawthi Sthapathi, principal of Mahabalipuram Sculpture College.
This is probably the only temple in Tamilnadu where women enjoy the right of men-priests performing pujas in the very sanctum sanctorum of the temple.  As a rule during the monthly cycle days, women do not go to temples for physical purity reasons.  There is no such restriction to them in this temple.  As this is a rule of nature in case of women, no debate on the issue is necessary, says Bangaru Adigalar.
  Temple History:
  There is a Woman-Siddha in swayambu form in the place wherefrom Mother Adhi Parasakthi emerged.  She is head of all Siddhas.  It is believed that a huge number of Siddhas are in this holy soil.  Fertile lands are on the northern part of the temple.  For the convenience of devotees staying during nights, it was suggested that a thatched roof tent may be built.  But Bangaru Adigalar says that permission from Mother could be obtained as still many Siddhas exist under this land.  Hence, the temple is called Siddhar Peetam.  
Special Features:
  Miracle Based: Women are the priests of this temple performing pujas and archanas in the very sanctum sanctorum to Mother Adhi Parasakthi
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