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Lord Ayyappa grants darshan with four Asanas – 1) Dhyanabindu with Abhaya Chinmudra, 2) Gruha Nareeya Peetasana with Yogaprana Mudra, 3) Kudhabada Sreshtasana with Apaana Banda Mudra and 4) Ashtakona Sasthasana Yoga Badrasana Mudra. It is noteworthy that Lord Ayyappa is the only deity granting darshan in such four forms. As shown in the illustration the triangle upward denotes the male form, the triangle downward the female form. The combination of the two shows His bearing the entire universe as its protector.

Lord Muruga came from the six sparks from the forehead eye of Lord Shiva. His symbol is six triangles – Shatkona. When split into two there will be two triangles, one up and the other down representing Ayyappa’s symbol in His penance form-Yoga form. Lord Shiva imparts wisdom. Lord Vishnu imparts Moksha-salvation. Lord Ayyappa-Harihara Putra imparts both. It may be noted that Lord Ayyappa is in Dhyana form as the Udukkai of Lord Shiva and with open eyes as Lord Vishnu protecting the beings.

It may not be correct to say that the binding of the two knees are meant to show His determination not to get up even if Lord Shiva and Mother Pavarvathi appear before Him. A close observation of His sitting form would show that Lord Ayyappa is sitting by binding His backbone with His legs and his lower waist part and feet touching the ground. This ensures peace of mind, clear thoughts, mental power to win and achieve Asthamasiddhi - eight powers. One has to press the belly, control the breath, trigger the Kundalini power from the Asana part up to Sahasrara the head, see things and people with open eyes. This is the Yoga form of Ayyappa gracing the devotees in huge numbers with open eyes in this Kaliyuga too.

Lord Ayyappa’s Chinmudra in the right hand indicates the union of Jeevatmama with Paramatma. The Mudra in the left hand signifies the philosophy of surrendering at the feet of Paramatma. No ordinary human can practice this yoga. It requires severe fasting, clean eyes and a totally controlled mind with a high degree of discipline.

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